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This Page Contains Video Clips from Interviews and Artists I Have Worked With




I traveled to San Francisco as many of you know and attended this years Remember The Party which was held on October 12, 2008. Here area a few videos from the event for all of you Trocadero Fans to enjoy.

This First Video is a Fandancer. Here is a General Video of the dance floor and this Last Video Clip is an assortment of shots taken around the dance floor. I really had a great time this year.

I am also hoping to have some video of my performance at the Paradise Tea Dance on October 19th at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco to post here soon. Thank you to all of you who came out to see me, I am looking forward to doing it again very soon.

Last year on Sunday, October 7, 2007, White Light Productions presented the Remember the Party Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of The Trocadero Unfortunately I was unable to make that party but I heard it was fantastic. Here is a small video clip taken at the party for those who could not attend.

Trocadero Transfer was Bobby's home club and in the following video several of the former employees from the Trocadero Transfer speak about Bobby and his mixing skills. To view the video interviews click here or you may click on the Wrecked for Life poster on the right. These clips were taken from the video by John C. Gross, entitled "Wrecked for Life, The Trip and Magic of Trocadero Transfer"

Bobby worked with many of the greats in Disco History and one night that stands out for him was when his record pool took out Amanda Lear around Miami to promote her new release called "Fabulous." Actually the song which became an anthem at the Trocadero was Amanda Lear's Follow Me People actually came to Trocadero just to hear Bobby spin that song.

Bobby Viteritti was recently interviewed on Strictly Confidential Radio by Peter Godbold and speaks about the glory days of disco Unlike many other DJ's Bobby not only speaks about what the late seventies and early eighties were like culturally, he also speaks about many of the technical aspects of being a DJ during this period.